Video to the Single “Branches & Sticks”
Album Release Party!! T H EW O R L DH O W L S

JULY 11, 2014  8pm,  Zwoelfzehn, Stuttgart
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BLACK SWIFT is indie blues rocker, songwriter and artist Sally Grayson.  Along with a plethora of guest musicians and collaborators, she is currently working on the first full length Black Swift Album to be released in 2014.  Black Swift can usually be found flying solo, but one can occasionally find a stage full of musicians at a Black Swift show.  Her most consistent collaborators are: David Arzt on guitar, Tobias Unrath on upright and e-bass, Steffen Eifert on drums.
First Single “Branches & Sticks”

First Single “Branches & Sticks”


If Tom Waits and Nick Cave had a daughter and that daughter were raised by gypsies in narrow back alleys and secret woodland glades and taught the ragtag music of vagabonds and wondering sailors then she might sound something like Black Swift. And that’s not to mention plain old rock and roll which Black Swift keeps tucked away in their traveling bags, to be used as needed. The world of Black Swift is a steam-punk world, of rusty chains and dead pirates, the lord god almighty bringing us home and a whole lot of mixed up busted up love.  
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