Friday, March 15. 2013: Black Swift opening up for FIREWATER!!


15. March. 2013

Doors at 8pm


Charlottenplatz 1, Stuttgart


I'm really excited to be opening up (solo) for these guys  on Friday!  Here's what some people have said about their music and it makes me really excited, not only to play my songs and open up for them, but also to dance along afterwards.

Who's gonna be dancing with me?


"Bands with a Balkan bent might seem commonplace now, as Gogol Bordello, DeVotchka and Beirut all have made names for themselves with a gypsy-punk blend. But New York’s Firewater pioneered the sound in the mid-’90s." --Washington Post

"Their music is the type that swells inside your guts until all you can do to save yourself is start dancing and drinking with your new found friends at the Firewater show."--Junkyard Darts

"Since forming Firewater in 1995, bandleader Tod A has steered a revolving lineup of musicians through a dense tapestry of styles including klezmer, ska, circus music, and good old-fashioned punk rock. Each album has found the band fearlessly embracing a different set of cultural references, anchored by the singer’s acerbic lyrical observations and raspy howl."--The Vinyl District