BLACK SWIFT Album Release Party!


Black Swift Album Release Party!!

This is the moment we’ve been waiting for! Black Swift has been working SO hard for SO long and it’s time to CELEBRATE! Black Swift will be putting out their first full-length Album called “The World Howls.” This is going to be a great show! Starting the evening out will be the beautiful Stuttgart band, “Swim Bird Fly” ( Black Swift will take the stage afterwards, with special guests joining in throughout the set.

Also on display for the evening will be the closing of the exhibition, "Neoteric Saints” recent collages by Sally Grayson displayed in "Fenster Zeitgenossischer Realitaet” Also included in the series is Black Swift's Album Cover.

This also happens to be Black Swift’s front lady, Sally’s Birthday: and the best gift would be if you would come to the show, and celebrate together! Let’s pack that place out. Come, bring your friends and let’s celebrate together!


Paulinenstr. 45, 70178 Stuttgart, Germany


About the Album:

Black Swift’s new Album “The World Howls,” ranges in style from Tarantino road trip Rock to Morricone, to Fugazi to Tom Waits.  Together with her collaborators Black Swift has been working steadily on a new album for over a year. The bones of the song were written by Grayson,  but the rest has come from a variety of musicians who helped arrange and record in numerous places in America and Germany. “The World Howls” features Jerome Fontamillas (Switchfoot), Beverly Fre$h, Nate Lehner (The Guilty Wanted), Burkhard Mayer-Anderson,  Mike Gunther (Mike Gunther & his Restless Souls), Jayathi Kyle (Black Audience), Stefanie Haecker and more.  Of all her collaborators, her most consistent on this album are co-producer David Arzt (Jumbo Jet) who played  and arranged on most of the songs on the album, Steffen Eifert (Same Same Here) on drums, and Tobias Unrath on bass.  From energetic post-punk indie rock to epic dark ballads, to soul infused & blues influenced story telling, “The World Howls” stretches the gamet of songwriting and soundscapes.