Release Party Gratitude

What a night!  It's one I think I'll never forget.  I'll tell you, there is nothing like working so hard at something and then seeing it become a reality.  I wrote these songs and dreamed of putting out not just an album, but the very best album I could.  With the help of SO many people from my co-producer David Arzt- who worked with on this with me the whole way through, to the many many musicians who gave their talents, to producing a pretty sweet little art booklet with the CD in the back featuring collages I've been working on for over 2 years, to the contributors of the crowdfunding campaign who pre-ordered to make it financially possible- we had lots of reasons to CELEBRATE! Here are some Photos (thank you Veronika) and Thank yous for the Evening:

We started the night off with the fabulous Swim Bird Fly.  They rocked our socks off. After they played, I invited everyone outside for a Birthday Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookie Treat. (thanks to Christina, Veronika, Andrea, Michelle & Christiana for the yummy cookies)

Then we took the stage.  Zwoelfzehn was packed and I was overwhelmed by how many people showed up to support us.  Thank you- you brought such energy to our set and I didn't want it to end.  Johnny Park of Swim Bird Fly who also mixed our album played on "The World Howls" with us.  The last song we played was "Whiskey John & Irish" and in the chorus of everyone singing "love is love" sparklers were lit and it was completely magical.

Thank you to everyone who made this night possible:

To my amazing band- it was such a pleasure and so much fun playing with you talented folks! To Swim Bird Fly for opening up the evening! To all the Crowdfunding Campaign supporters who made it possible to finish the album and have something to celebrate about! To all the Stuttgarters who packed that place in, thank you for coming out to see us it was great seeing your beautiful faces!

 By the way, if you missed it, here's the places you can get the new Album:

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