Hello there and thanks for your interest in a Black Swift House Concert.  House Shows are one of my favorite places to play for their unique, rewarding and memorable reasons.  It's something special to host a musician or band in your  home and to invite your guests to a gig at your own place.  Below is A LOT of information. If you're serious about hosting a show, I'd suggest reading it to the end, otherwise right below I have a short and sweet explanation for those curious about what it means to host a show.  I hope I find myself in your home bringing you and your guests the gift of music!

SHORT VERSION on Hosting a Show:

You, as the host invite at least 30  of your friends for a unique Black Swift show in your own home. The guests arrive, I play a set, donations are made, we all make new friends and everyone leaves happy.  Unless requested, this is not a show where the host has to pay for live music, rather the host is only responsible for gathering the people together and leading the event.

Now onto the longer version:


By house this means basically any space you have access to where you can invite your friends to gather together and enjoy a concert.  This could be your studio, back yard, theatre, winery, apartment, kitchen, patio, or of course your living room!   Its only important that it's a space for you and your friends to comfortably sit (can be on the floor or grass) or with a little room to dance if inspired. :)  My shows are about an hour long, so lets make sure everyone can get comfy.



Since there are only so many weekends in the year, please know that hosting a show under the week can be just as perfect and sometimes even better than the weekend.  We don't have to party till the roosters crow, so it often works out to close up shop early for those who need to head to work then next day.

It's exciting to get a date set, so please send me a variety of dates that could work for you, so that I can work that into my tour.



To create a successful show, at least 30 adults should be there.  This guarantees an atmosphere that feels more exciting for this event, and this helps to make it worth it for me to tour to your house.  Don't forget, this is how I make a living, so we have to be sure to organize it properly.

A couple tips on inviting.  In order to make sure there is a minimum of 30 adults, means inviting 40-50.  Also, it really helps if you ask people to RSVP to make sure you know how many are coming.  If you aren't sure you can get 30 adults to come, you could try co-hosting the event with a friend to ensure enough attenders.

If you have a large space that fits more people, of course this would be wonderful.  The more the merrier!  There's always wonderful excitement in the air with a packed out show!

Thoughts on kids.

Kids are generally loud.  But I can be loud too, and I usually can win the loud contest.  Most of the time when I've played a house show where kids are present, they usually end up being the ones front and center dancing to my music. Generally kids over 7 years old enjoy live music more. I do have some quieter songs where the kids would need to settle down a little bit.  I'm fine with kids being there, that's just something you as a host need to decide because there's also been shows where a fussy child crying ends up being louder than me, and distracting the guests.  But this is your house, and you decide the rules.  If you would prefer that it is adults only, then one idea is: if there's a lot of parents with kids and the show isn't too late, how about having some activities for the kids in another room in the house?  A Black Swift show could be a family style event, or an adult event, either way, I'm cool.


Invite a bunch of your friends!


When you decide to host, (yeah!)  It's important to let your guests know the following, “This is a donation-based concert” Guests should know that they should come prepared to make a donation towards the artist at the end of the show. There's no suggested donation to be able to keep it open.  People should feel moved in the moment to donate without expectations.  If you have a friend who doesn't currently have a lot to donate, but loves music, they should be there too.  Lets get that house packed out and get the music buzz going!

Sometimes there are hosts who would prefer to pay the musicians and not ask for donations.  If this is you, just contact me and I can tell you my prices.

It's up to you if you want to have a pot luck, BYOB, or if you want to provide snacks.  You do it in your style and in your way.


So you’ve invited everyone, RSVPs are in, and you’re ready for the show – here’s what happens next.

I'll arrive about an hour before the guests arrive to set up and do a soundcheck.

Guests come at the time we've decided the event will begin. We'll hang out and mingle for about an hour. After this, everyone comes together in the performance space, people find a place to sit down, the host gives a short introduction, and then I play my show.  This will be about an hour long performance.

As soon as I finish my last song, the host gets up in front next to me with a hat or vase, or some kind of container and makes the donation speech.  It should go something like this:

“Thank you all for coming tonight. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. I want to remind you that this is a donation-based concert. Your donations tonight will all directly benefit our artist, and will show her our appreciation for this amazing experience she brought us tonight. We're going to pass a hat and I encourage you to give generously. Thanks again!”

After that, we'll all hang out and get to know each other till everyone starts heading home.



Here is the list of questions we’ll need for you to reply to asap in order to factor your house into the routing.

  1.  In what city and state and country do you live?
  2.  What is the space you have in mind for the concert? (e.g., inside your house, an outdoor space, etc.)
  3. Do you want to host a donation-based concert as described above, or do you want information about paying a guarantee for the show instead?
  4.  a) Do you think you’ll be able to get a minimum of 30 adults to come? b) What is the total number of people you might expect to come?
  5. When would you like to host a show?  Please send me a number of dates in which you are open.
  6.  What is the best email address and phone number at which to reach you efficiently?

House shows are really a wonderful and magical experience that can bring lasting friendships and great memories.  I'm really looking forward to doing a house concert together with you!