Exclusive Videos and Songs from Sally for Patrons of the Arts!

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I'm now offering exclusive videos and songs avaialble only for my Patreon supporters!

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Patreon is a place where people can help music and art stay alive and thrive!

I started this campaign some years ago and my plan was to release a music video once a month privately to my supporters before letting it go public.  However, making music videos is A LOT of work. I wanted to make the best professional videos possible. So I slowed down significantly also because my perfectionism got in the way of the greater desire- and that is to connect with my supporters.  So here’s the new plan: I decided using the amazing technology wrapped up in my smartphone, I can record, edit and upload videos. These will not be perfect and thus most of these videos will be exclusively for my Patreonsubscribers. For 1$ a month, you can access the Patreon feed with these videos and for 3$, you receive an mp3 of a home recording or other special recording. 

I’m really excited to reboot this, because it will be a testing ground for new ideas.  It will be more raw and behind the scenes. I’ll take greatly into consideration your thoughts and ideas on the content that I share.  

I'd love to you have you join, to hear your voice, and invite you in on exclusive content! 

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