The official recording plans for Black Swift!


So, I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know our official recording plans! In case you didn’t hear, Black Swift has been invited to head back to Castle Rohrsdorf in Dresden to work with legendary producer Sylvia Massy (Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Foo Fighters..and MANY more). We are so honored to have this experience and here’s the plan:

Sylvia is giving a recording workshop from Sept 7-9th. Actually, if you are in Germany, and interested in joining and seeing how the pros produce a record, there are still a few places available (only 14 total!) Click here for more  info! We have then decided to hire Sylvia on for 4 more days to hopefully get, in the end 4-5 songs recorded to put out an ep! We will be doing crowdfunding campaign after recording to offer you special pre-sales and pre-listens. Right now the focus is on songwriting. When I asked Sylvia about how she works as a producer and what she expects from us, she said something to the extent of “Well, what I learned from working with Rick Rubin is that it’s best to have as many songs as possible so that I can listen through to see which ones are the strongest.” First of all, ummm- Rick Rubin!  Second, ok, let’s write some songs! So that’s what I/we have been concentrating on. There’s no time to wait for the muse, I’m showing up to work and trying and experimenting new ideas.

With that said, I have a question for you: What kind of songs do you need right now?  Many of the songs I’m currently working on are in some way or another asking the question - what will bring us together?  It feels like within my homeland, here in Germany and just all over, there is so much polarization. I long to hear more stories of reconciliation, of walls being torn down and of people coming together.  So that’s what I’m thinking about- what are you thinking about? What issues, be them personal, political, or spiritual are on your mind and are you wishing there was a song to express them? I’m not making any promises that I’m going to write a song about it, but who knows, maybe it will be a little nudge to help us get a new song written. I’m also thinking about maybe covering a song for this ep- if you have an suggestions on a song that would be great for us to cover, just write below and let me know!

For those of you in Germany, here’s some upcoming show dates to put in your calendar:

July 26- Cafe Haag, Tuebingen

July 27- Kulturfest, Sindelfingen

August 3- Klinke Festval, Stuttgart

August 4, Leben Festival, Steinheim

September 1, Aloft Hotel (Closing of my Exhibition), Stuttgart

September 5, Deklerhof, Wuerzburg

Sept 7-9, RECORDING WORKSHOP, Dresden!!