What is the face of your Soul?

So, since we are busy trying to write and finish as many songs as possible before heading to the studio with Sylvia Massy, I thought I’d share some thoughts relating to songwriting-and to share some of the process of how I write.

I’ve been thinking a lot about reconciliation and asking- what can bring us together? as well as- what keeps us apart?  I found an old lyric book of mine and was reading through and found something I wrote years ago, “Name dropping is not going to get you very far when hanging out with the ’least of these.’”  I wrote it thinking about being in India and hanging out with people who were just struggling to survive, and how what’s important in my culture has no value in other places.  Like if I went there and said, “I sang a song for Robbie Williams and Michi & Smudo from ‘Die Fantastische Vier.’” That would have no value...it actually already doesn’t have much value in the States since those folks aren’t really known there! 

That got me on the thought- what if you could strip yourself of your culture and race (being the things that are often what can divide us) What if you could exit this time, this culture, this place and be somewhere else?  What would remain of you?  Which in the end is the question- what is at the core of who you are?  What would last? Would it be your personality? your humor? Your mannerisms that would remain?  What is the face of your soul?

So I started writing a song- and for the time being it’s called “The Stripping Song.”  I want this song to bring us into a trance of sorts to connect with the core of who we are.  To strip off the heavy weights, the excess baggage of our culture and times and to connect with the gorgeously unique soul that we have.  To take away all the pressures and expectations of what we should do and be and then, for a moment, to celebrate who we truly are, to celebrate the now of that reality. 

Sounds pretty trippy,  I know, but I think these kinds of practices are what  I think could slowly bring us together.

What do you think?

What does your soul look like?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!


 “My Short-Lived Shadow”
Hand-cut Collage
Sally Grayson